Thought Partners. Comprehensive Strategies.

You are the expert in your issue area. We are experts in ours.

Together, we will partner to define your needs, develop actionable strategies, and effectively implement solutions. We go beyond consulting; we work side-by-side to move you from strategic plan to success. 

Because we work exclusively with organizations and agencies that promote the public interest, we are passionate about our work - and theirs.

We partner with Clients to:

  • Develop and implement strategic and communications plans
  • Develop innovative programs that address organizational goals
  • Procure state and federal dollars through grants and budget allocations
  • Collaborate with philanthropic partners to procure grant funding and support programs
  • Develop legislative proposals and language
  • Facilitate productive, bi-partisan relationships for clients with legislators and key thought leaders
  • Act as a liaison to agencies, boards, and commissions
  • Directly, and in-directly, lobby the legislature to ensure the enactment, amendment, or defeat of proposals

 Let's do good work together.